Ines Sainz: Another Hot Woman Makes Headlines (Sigh)

ines sainzIf you pay attention to scandals in the news like we obsessively do, you're likely to notice a pattern of "sexy" women hogging all of the headlines.

There's Ines Sainz who was allegedly sexually harassed by Jets players and a coach while waiting to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Everyone's still talking about sexy Anna Chapman, who was busted for being an undercover spy, along with 10 others (I challenge you to name one more).

Debralee Lorenzana, the former Citibank employee who was fired for being too good looking, was an Internet sensation for a long, long time.

And, let's not forget to add Erin Andrews and her hotel-stalker case to the mix.

Note to women everywhere: If you want your scandal to stay out of the headlines, you don't have a chance in hell if you're hot.


Is the recent rash of sexy women making headlines for harassment cases proof that whether we like to admit it or not, sexism continues to be deeply rooted in our society and double standards can be found around every corner? Yes, absolutely.

But exacerbating the situation is the fact that the media -- and those who consume the media -- go gaga over attractive women. You can bet that many of the people typing "Ines Saniz" into Google are doing so because they want to read about the harassment charge but also to see what in the world the former Miss Spain looks like.

The way the media covers sexual harassment and discrimination, you might think that the only women are affected by it are hot (which perhaps explains why ignorant commentators think it's ok to spew nonsense like, "Saniz deserved what she got." Or does it?).

In fact, these infuriating situations affect women in all walks of life: Likely, there are several other female sports reporters who maybe aren't as attractive as Saniz but are still harassed by male athletes every day. But we so rarely read those stories.

Because what's sexy about that?


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