Will Mom Who Photoshopped Teen Into Bestiality Pic Hurt Internet Memes?

Disaster Girl

Disaster Girl strikes again

Photoshop hack jobs just went from inadvisable to downright criminal.

Danette Stark took the photo of a 13-year-old daughter of another woman she was angry with, manipulated it on the computer, and pasted it smack dab in the middle of a bestiality scene.

The 37-year-old then distributed it all over school and earned herself a year in jail.

Ah, time to move your hand away from the mouse.

The Internet Meme might be in trouble.


Taking photos of innocent people and placing them in weird situations is what Memes are all about.

You have Sad Keanu.

Disaster Girl.

And of late a sobbing Don Draper.

They're mostly innocent, and Keanu and Jon Hamm are public figures ... and adults. But with Disaster Girl and dozens of other child likenesses, there is an extra risk that Stark ran into: You're playing with the life of a minor ... and if you do anything sexual with the photo, you run the risk of being accused of making child porn.

Even if it's fake.

Stark is guilty of sexual exploitation of a minor, a felony. And if she fails to follow the rules of her three-year probation post-jail, she could land back in prison for 15 years, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

She clearly proved herself an idiot. She's 37, and this is the best way she could handle being angry with a 13-year-old?

But pics of kids on the 'net are easy to play with ... and fun. If you haven't seen the baby Photoshopped to look like Hulk Hogan yet, just open your email box. It's in there somewhere.

Most aren't sexual, but all it takes is one parent to complain ... and the meme turns into a libel suit faster than a cat can LOL.


Image via JPGMag.com

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