Tom Brady Accident: The Funny and the Fishy

Last week, Tom Brady's car accident just days before yesterday's opening game at Gillette Stadium outside Boston was the big news.

Now the humor website Improv Asylum has released a (mock) 9-1-1 call allegedly from the "other driver" in that accident, which is laugh-out-loud (not LOL) funny.

Despite being "scared out of (his) mind," according to ESPN, Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots, performed well in the season opener in which the Patriots beat the Cincinnati Bengals with ease.

Meanwhile, the other driver is not faring as well.


Forty-nine-year-old Rogerio Rodrigues was in the back of a minivan driven by his 21-year-old son, Ludgero. The son was cited at fault for running a red light and smacking into Brady.

He claims the light was green and has retained a lawyer.

Meanwhile his father has taken a "turn for the worse," though there are no specifics on his condition. What is apparent (to me at least) is that someone is looking for some kind of payout from this whole thing. After all, why retain a lawyer after an accident that was your fault?

I sense something highly fishy in this story. Here is a young man who ran a red light who sees an opportunity. We have seen false allegations time and again and, as a celebrity, one must really guard against them.

So many celebrities choose the easy route in cases like these and just pay accusers off rather than go to court, but I hope Brady won't. If that's the direction this situation is going, I hope he'll stand up to it.

Obviously, this is pure speculation, but I read the word lawyer and the fact that the driver is insisting it wasn't his fault as a little odd.

Do you smell something fishy here, too?


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