Suspected Child Killer Released Because Jail Won't Pay Medical Bills

Brianna HesterHe stands accused of killing his own 17-month-old daughter. So why is Daryl Jones already out of prison?

Because the jail didn't want to pay his medical bills anymore.

According to Jacksonville's Action News, Jones is home with an ankle bracelet monitoring him because Brunswick, Georgia, and Glynn County couldn't afford to cover dialysis on an accused murderer.

So they lowered his bond to let him get out. And guess who's picking up the bill?


The rest of us.

Jones is a veteran. Which means the VA Hospital now has to pay for his dialysis.

The bill just got turfed from one government entity to another.

And a guy accused of beating Brianna Kichelle Hester on April 30, 2009 so severely that she died on May 1 is out roaming the streets. He's got an ankle monitor, but he's living just a mile from Hester's family.

He's still only on the accused list -- innocent until proven guilty and all that. But Jones is just the tip of the iceberg.

Broke municipalities are passing the buck on criminals right and left. In Washington, St. John's Medical Center has spent months fighting with the Cowlitz County Jail alleging the jail has prematurely released inmates to get out of some $100,000 in medical bills.

And in California, victims' rights groups are up in arms of what they see as an overwhelming victory for criminals -- early releases to save money are up across the board in the state in wake of state legislation that gives the municipalities the OK to ignore sentencing guidelines in favor of cost cutting.

Even in South Carolina, the state with the least spending on food and medicines for inmates, there are plans to release inmates to save the state money.

And yet just as many of these cash-strapped states are complaining about Medicaid and Medicare bills that tax dollars aren't covering -- the same medical programs that a sick non-prisoner will have to take advantage of because ... news flash ... released prisoners can't run out and get jobs, least of all when they're sick.

Jones certainly isn't getting a job. His trial date in the death of his daughter has yet to be set more than a year after her death, and his health is declining. 

But he's out of prison. Who wins here?


Image via Justice for Brianna Kichelle Hester Facebook

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