Tiffany Livingston Pictures Freak Me Out

Tiffany LivingstonTiffany Livingston is the 21-year-old Playboy Bunny who tried to jump out of a JetBlue plane Thursday while it was flying, while other passengers were aboard. As more and more photos of her emerge today, I get more and more afraid to fly.

She looks so normal, so pretty, so like someone I would be glad to see sit down next to me on an airplane instead of some fat, sweaty, heavy-breathing man (or woman).


And to think, there she was flying from Orlando (my home airport) to New Jersey, when she just jumped up mid-flight and tried to open the door to the plane. Like anyone could on any plane, any time.

Her outburst was attributed to anxiety and lack of medication that she was supposed to have taken.

"She said she's gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn't have...her medication," a source told the New York Post.

Or perhaps as authorities say, it wasn't quite so dramatic, and she just steadied herself with the handle.

Either way, the fact is it could happen. I'm surprised such mid-flight meltdowns don't happen more often.

While flight attendants and pilots do what they can to ensure our safety, our lives are largely in the hands of our fellow passengers when we fly, all contained together up there in that small space in the sky.

The tragic events of 9/11 did a lot to increase our awareness of the risk we take when flying, and Livingston's outburst pales in comparison to that.

But in another way, it's even more frightening because all the metal detectors and body scanners in the world can't screen out crazy.

Does Tiffany Livingston make you more fearful of flying?

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