Quran Burning Cancelled, but Damage is Done

QuranAmidst all the somber 9/11 quotes and memorials today on this the nine-year anniversary of the devastation that forever changed our nation, there is at least one reason to rejoice.

The Rev. Terry Jones, the hate-filled pastor from Gainesville, Fla., called off his plans to burn a Quran today, or any other day.

"We will definitely not burn the Quran," Jones told NBC's Today this morning.  "Not today, not ever."

He said God told him to stop, but more likely I suspect is the fact that he cowered in fear for his own safety -- he's gotten more than 100 death threats

And while news that no Qurans will burn is welcome, the damage this one man has done is overwhelming.  


Damage in the form of angry riots sparked around the world including one in Afghanistan where at least one protester was shot dead.

Damage to the image of America around the world.

Damage to the safety and security of Americans living and working overseas.

Damage to the very heart of religious beliefs held dearly by peaceful loving people the world over.

Damage to the already tenuous safety and security we have here on U.S. soil.

And damage to a day in which we should be focused on the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives needlessly, senselessly, and for the exact same reason that Jones wanted to burn the Koran.

It's one of those times when I loathe the power of the media and our instinct to jump on the sensational, to provide a worldwide platform for someone who otherwise would be left just rambling his nonsense to anyone crazy enough to listen. Whose toxic damage would be contained and never be allowed to infect so many.

Peace and love to all the victims victims of 9/11 and their families whose memories shouldn't be overshadowed by one man's ignorance and hate.

Are you surprised Jones cancelled the Quran burning?

Image via insansains/Flickr


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