Donald Trump Is the New Hero of the Right (Sorry Glenn Beck)

Donald TrumpMove over Glenn Beck. The Fox Nation has a new hero.

Donald Trump has hit the sweet spot with the right wing news buffs with his wallet.

Isn't that how it always works?

The Donald has offered to buy the site near ground zero where a mosque and Islamic cultural center are planned.

Score one for the Islamaphobes, courtesy of Mr. Moneybags. So how long until the Donald is fired from the superhero gig?


At the moment, the Fox Nation quotes a letter from the Trumpster:

"I am making this offer as a resident of New York and citizen of the United States, not because I think the location is a spectacular one (because it is not), but because it will end a very serious, inflammatory, and highly divisive situation that is destined, in my opinion, to only get worse."

Note he's not making this decision because he himself hates the mosque, although his stipulations on the purchase would prevent a mosque from being built anywhere in a five-block radius of the site.

And he's really not all that up on the super-right wing agenda.

Because Mr. Trump, gasp, is pro-choice.

And pro-gay rights.

And pro health care reform.

And he doesn't think we belonged in Iraq in the first place.

For a guy who has built his life on all those tax loopholes the Republicans so dearly love, the Donald is downright liberal when it comes to social issues.

Looks like all The Donald's got going for him in that corner is his money. Funny ... it tends to help him out everywhere else.

Image via david_shankbone/Flickr


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