Tom Brady Accident: Another Collision With Bad Press

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, was in a car accident this morning bad enough that it required the jaws of life to rescue the other driver, though Brady walked away uninjured.

The crash happened around 6:30 a.m. in Boston's Back Bay section.

Tom Brady gets a bum rap nationwide, largely for his personal life, but in Boston it isn't a great idea to talk against the quarterback who put the Pats on the map (they have won three Super Bowls and nearly had a perfect season in 2007). But for those outside of New England, he's the guy who dumped pregnant actress Bridget Moynahan for Gisele Bundchen, the universally loathed Brazilian supermodel.

I don't buy it. And not just because I am a New Englander.


They may not have great sex, but Bundchen and Brady have been nothing but involved with Moynahan and Brady's son Jack.

It takes a big man (which Brady is) to step up and be involved with a child that he clearly didn't plan for.

The hate heaped on fathers is often undeserved. We expect them to be just like us and parent just like us and when they don't, they're called "jerks" and clueless at best and very often end up being called "deadbeats."

It isn't fair. Why are they not allowed a say in their reproductive lives? In many ways, it's sexist. What was Brady supposed to do? Stay with a woman he didn't love just because she was pregnant?

I think not.

She had the child. He visits and plays with his son. He and Bundchen love him and are as involved as they can be (or at least they would have us believe they are), they pay enormous amounts of child support (some reports say $15K a month, though the official amount isn't public), and anyone calling him a "deadbeat" ought to visit the dictionary for a clearer picture of what that actually means.

Life is complicated. Football is, too. From what I hear, anyway.

What do you think of Brady?


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