Obama Slams Boehner for 'Holding Tax Cuts Hostage'

jeeny erikson
Jeeny Erikson
On Wednesday, President Obama slammed House Minority Leader John Boehner's proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts an additional two years. As things stand now, Robin Hood Uncle Sam is poised and waiting for January 1, 2011, when he'll be able to grab some cash bags from the greedy rich and give them back to their rightful owners -- the middle-class.

Like most liberal theories, there's a giant flaw in this one: The rich did not steal their money from the middle-class, nor did they oppress anyone to get it. They earned it through hard work, ingenuity, determination, or simply being born into the right family. Those lucky ones born into wealth have to work to keep it. Even Paris Hilton designs purses.


Obama is disguising a transfer of wealth as "middle-class tax cuts," but don't let the wool be pulled over your eyes. The rich earned their dollars, and aside from taxes for infrastructure, it should be theirs to keep or spend as they see fit. More often than not, they use that money to expand operations and create new jobs.

Excessive taxation takes away an employer's ability to pay her employees, resulting in increased unemployment. Obama says he's lowering middle-class taxes, but all he's doing is giving them a pay raise at the employer's expense; one they might not be able to afford. How is that tax break going to work when your job disappears?

This is America. We are a nation of people that came here for an opportunity, not a handout. Rich people should not be viewed as greedy in general, nor should they arouse the green-eyed monsters within us. They should be respected for achieving their American dream, and emulated if obtaining wealth is your dream too.

President Obama, you may mock and insult John Boehner for "holding middle-class tax cuts hostage," but I applaud him for holding fast to the American values that built our country. 


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