Chicago Mayor Face-Off: Rahm or Hillary?

chicago mayor raceFollowing Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's announcement that he will not seek a seventh term -- that's right, seventh -- the speculation has already begun about the mayor-for-life's replacement.

Cuing Rahm Emanuel! The White House chief of staff has already said he wanted to run for Mayor of Chicago, and since he's said he only wanted to work in the White House for two years, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Rather than call this race before it's even begun, I'd like to toss out a few other contenders I'd like to see make a run for the mayor's office, with name recognition as big as Rahm's.

Keep Chicago politics funky, you guys!


President Obama

If Rahm leaves, Obama might think, "Why not me?" It's been a rough few years for President Obama, with a recession, a major oil spill, and those pesky Tea Baggers. He may be looking for an excuse to keep it local.

Hillary Clinton

Again, if everyone else can bail on The White House -- why not her? I'm sure she has a utility bill with an old Chicago address on it somewhere.


The Big O is also retiring and will be looking for some work in her neighborhood. Sure, she might want to kick it in her Santa Barbara home, but if she's a true Chicagoan, she'll stand up for her city and start making some grand campaign speeches that will surely include giving everyone a free car.

Sarah Palin

That lady is just looking for a high profile race, and she probably thinks she's eligible since she can see Chicago from her house.

Rod Blagojevich

The former Governor of Illinois has already issued a short, sweet statement regarding the retirement of Mayor Daley. He kept it classy, which is soooo not like him. Don't be surprised if he tries to make us forget about his legal troubles that he thinks he beat (umm, not all of them Rod) and attempts a comeback.


Who do you think should be the next Chicago mayor?


Images via kevindooley/Flickr

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