Anna Chapman's Next Job: Sexy Politician?

Anna Chapman magazine photo shoot

If you thought sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman knocked Americans to their knees with her beauty and mystery, take a look at how her fellow Russians have been elevating her while all of us momentarily (with an emphasis on momentarily) forgot about her ...

-- She recently did a racy magazine shoot wearing a tight leave-nothing-to-the-imagination series of mini-dresses for the Russian men's magazine Zhara ("Heat") in Moscow's Baltschug Kempinski Hotel. The magazine is now suing Chapman for leaking the photos (above) on her Facebook page, now named specifically the "Russian Spy Anna Chapman" page.

-- A Russian newspaper is sponsoring a contest for the most beautiful song written for Anna, according to a recent interview in Der Spiegel. The lyrics of the front runner are: "America is spying on everyone, and its enemies cannot sleep in peace. They're looking for bin Laden, but what does our girl have to do with it? Hands off our Anna."


-- The tabloids print page after page of love confessions by her previous boyfriends.

-- In her hometown of Volgograd, known as the "City of Heroes" for its role in World War II, members of the city council have proposed making the 28-year-old an honorable citizen.

-- Chapman has become such an instant celebrity, almost developing a "cult" following, that she has to wear sunglasses and hats everywhere she goes.

-- She's launching her own website, and has already recruited a PR team to handle her affairs and appearances.

If this wasn't enough, word has it that Anna may even run for political office, for a seat representing her hometown in the Russian congress, the Duma. Apparently, it's pretty common for members of Russian intelligence to move into political offices, just look at Vladimir Putin for one. Residents of Chapman's district would be fools not to vote her for. Can you imagine her showing up for one of congress's sessions wearing that blue dress? She wouldn't even need to speak or argue her point. All the other members would be so distracted they'd forget to vote, and her own initiatives would sail through.

I'm probably not giving Anna enough credit. I'm sure she has a brain somewhere in there, because she managed to evade the law for a decade before getting caught for spying. But we've yet to see her use it for true purpose and good.

One thing's for sure, if it's not congress, Anna will land somewhere else in the public eye, as this chick is determined not to let us or anyone else forget her. "Psst ... I'm watching you," she posted recently on her Facebook page. And we are still watching you, Anna.


Images via Anna Chapman/Facebook

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