Sarah Palin Neighbor Search Is On: 10 Best Candidates

Sarah PalinSarah Palin can get back to sunbathing.

Joe McGinniss, the writer who earned the ire of Fox News when he rented the house next door to the former Alaskan governor, is moving out.

He told the AP he's ready to head home to Massachusetts and get to writing that unauthorized biography just as Vanity Fair releases an explosive take down that should give him ample leads.

So who is moving in next door?


No one knows yet, but we can come up with a few ideas:

1. Bristol Palin. She's a big girl now, with a baby and a few different paychecks coming in. She can dance her way out from under Mama Grizzly's eyes and beyond the fence.

2. Glenn Beck. He doesn't want to be her running mate, but that hasn't stopped fans from begging. Maybe a little more time together will make the heart grow fonder?

3. Eminem. Things are off again with ex-wife Kim, and he could use a little pick-me-up. Will she accept a neighbor's invitation to dinner?

4. Orly Taitz. They're friends on Facebook! That's just a few thousand miles away from besties.

5. Charlton Heston. They can practice target shooting with anything McGinniss leaves behind.

6. Michele Bachmann. True besties, Palin and Bachmann love to play up alike they are and how well they get along. Of course, a move to Alaska would keep Bachmann from running in Minnesota. Then again . . . 

7. John McCain. He's responsible for unleashing her on the country. He can live with her.

8. and 9. Jeanne Devon and Jesse Griffin. Two of the most prolific anti-Palin bloggers included in the Vanity Fair article, they're both living in Anchorage. But if she can handle McGinniss, can she handle the bloggers in her hometown?

10. Levi Johnston. Child handoffs would be easy, and really has anyone had any use for Levi since he started playing nice? If he's going to run for mayor, he needs an edge. Bring on the dirt!

Image via Bruce Tuten

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