Labor Day Travel Is Up, But You Should Stay Home

labor day travelLabor Day travel is up this year, as 10% more people say they will travel at least 50 miles away from home this weekend compared to last year. Since the recession was at its worst this time last year, it makes sense more people are feeling flush and ready to vacation a year later. Or does it?

I'm wondering what happened to the staycation? I thought we were all embracing frugality and rejecting holidays filled with gas-guzzling, bustling trips that increase our carbon footprint and decrease our bank account. (I say, as I prepare to board a flight to attend a family wedding.)

Here are five reasons why you should stay home this Labor Day weekend and make your own fun:



1. It's the Economy, Stupid

We're still in a tough spot, unemployment remains between 9.5 and 9.7 percent for August. The housing market is slumping after the tax benefit closed, and do you feel any wealthier?

2. Airport Shut Downs

Already this holiday weekend Miami International Airport had to shut down due to a suspected bomb in someone's luggage. Thankfully it was a scientist with some funky business, but following last week's scare on the Chicago to Amsterdam flight, you can bet the TSA is on high alert which means delays all around.

3. Hurricane Earl

I hope you didn't pre-pay for that beach vacation in the mid-Atlantic region. Even though Earl seems to be fairly chill, you can still count on some evacuation and/or miserable weather if you dare cross his path.

4. Another Oil Spill?

Ditto if you planned a beach vacation in the Gulf of Mexico. It doesn't appear that any oil is leaking from the latest oil platform explosion in the gulf, but we all know how these things can go awry. If you were planning on getting away to the region, maybe stay inside the French Quarter in New Orleans and get a bar tan instead.

5. Construction Delays

All across the country, stimulus money is being put to use to fix our roads. Which is awesome, unless you're sitting in traffic alongside those orange cones.

Going anywhere this weekend?


Image via Burning Images/Flickr

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