The Worst States to Live in America

hateHurricane Earl has people debating the worst places to live during hurricane season, but a little rain has nothing on year-round intolerance.

At least the hurricane is nature.

These states are creating a dangerous atmosphere that's 100 percent man-made, and it's stifling its citizens worse than the stale air of the basement 17 hours into hiding from the hurricanes.

Where does your state rank?



Why It's Bad: The Buckeye State has decided to re-draw the map of the United States. Puerto Ricans are currently persona non grata as Ohio has announced a refusal to accept their birth certificates as proof of citizenship in the United States.


Why It's Bad: Gays finally get the right to marry! Then the cranky heterosexuals take it away because if they can't be happy, why should anyone be? Prop 8 was knocked down in court, but should it have taken a judge to affirm the "pursuit of happiness"?

The Golden State also boasts the highest percentage of hate crimes in the nation, according to the FBI. Go Warriors!


Why It's Bad: Let's take a gander at those schoolbooks. Joseph McCarthy = good. Thomas Jefferson advocating separation of church and state = bad.


Why It's Bad: Have you heard a little story about the brown people being treated like second-class citizens because they might, possibly, maybe, sort of be illegal? Even if they're here with a valid stamp of approval from the good old US of A?


Why It's Bad: A hate crimes law tossed in 2004 by a state court has still not been replaced. Which leaves citizens completely unprotected.


Why It's Bad: When Gov. Bob McDonnell came into office this year, he started rolling back protections for its citizens right and left. One of the first things to go? Anti-discrimination rules regarding gay and lesbian state workers. 

Oklahoma and Nebraska

Why They're Bad: Allowing religion to sneak into the abortion law throws the separation of church and state out the window.

How is your state looking these days?


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