Missing Woman Found Under Pile of Crap

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
Oftentimes I am asked how I manage to work from home with a house, a husband, and two small children to care for. The answer, of course, is daily doses of Coke Zero and wine. Also, I'm not exactly what you'd call a neat freak.

Between the homework and meal prep and writing assignments and boo boo kisses and interviews and carpooling, sometimes laundry doesn't get done until there isn't any more clean underwear. One of these days I'd like to hire a maid, but so far I've been unable to find one that works for gummy bears.

Occasionally I'll get a bee in a bonnet and go on a cleaning rampage. You probably will too when you get a load of this story:

A husband discovered the body of his wife who had been missing for four months buried under tonnes of rubbish in their home.


Billie Jean James (67) had been missing for four months when her husband Bill found her feet sticking out from under a pile of crap in the back room of their house. The woman hoarded so much junk that the man had to build a second home on their property to hold it all. Now that's love. Or enabling. You decide.

The James' home was so filled with garbage (both literal and figurative) that the smell of poor Billie Jean's deteriorating body escaped the notice not only of Bill, but of police dogs as well. Three times. The police sent in super-sniffing canines on three separate occasions in hopes of finding some clue as to where the uber-hoarder had disappeared.

One officer stated, "This house was so full of possessions that movement inside of the house was restricted and in some cases very difficult. Visual searching was impossible." 

What a tragic end to a sad life. If only someone had told Billie Jean about Fly Lady. Who knew that decluttering could save your life?

Now excuse me while I go scrub my house from top to bottom.


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