Jesus on the Phone Pole: Has He Risen?

Jesus on the telephone poleA certain sector of the American public waiting for Jesus to rise didn't realize the Son of God would take it so literally.

If an amateur photographer is to be believed, the big J.C. is hanging out on a telephone pole in Hathaway, Louisiana, these days.


OK, so it's just a bunch of vines that happened to grow on a man-made cross. But at least He's hanging out in His glorious natural world.

Which is more than we can say for these appearances:

1. On a tortilla. The infamous Jesus tortilla was found in 1978, and it's still making its finder cash at the JesusTortilla site (where you can buy your very own Christ on a crispy piece of bread t-shirt). Worrying every day that you're going to take a bite out of the savior is enough to make you an atheist.

2. In the shower. The moldy Christ who showed up on a shower wall -- and sold for $2,000 on eBay in 2005 -- is enough to scare teenage boys out of their favorite bathroom proclivities for good. Mom, you can have your lotion back.

3. On the couch. If you thought eating him was bad, how about having sex on him? It's Christ on a Couch!

4. On a tailgate. Who needs a Jesus fish when your truck's been officially saved? From the junkyard anyway. Proof that one man's dirt is another man's Lord and savior.

5. On Twitter. Is the interwebs saved? The man, the truth, the legend is also @Jesus.


Image via KPLCTV

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