Japan Wins Little League World Series, But Robbie Wilson Wins Hearts

Last week I  I ran into my neighbor, whose husband took their children to the Little League World Series. She started telling me the heartwarming story of a boy named Robbie Wilson and the amazing spirit of his team from Auburn, Wash. Before she left we were both in tears.

Watch and see why:


boy with baseballTo give you some more context: It was the final inning of the Little League World Series elimination match between New England (Connecticut) and Northwest (Washington). Washington only needed one out to win the game.

Robbie hadn't pitched at all in the series, and from the looks of it was one of the smallest players on the team.

Clearly, he wanted to pitch pretty bad, and his teammates knew it.

Just look at his face when his coach puts him in, such joy!

And what an amazing show of support from his teammates who were so incredibly happy for him to get his chance.

Robbie Wilson didn't let them down. He got the out, and his team won the game. Eventually they lost to the Southwest team from Texas, but they all won so much in terms of character and experience and camaraderie.

This story is exactly why I encourage my son to play baseball, to try out for soccer, to take tennis lessons. It's why I'll do the same with my daughter in coming years. I'm not looking to groom them for a life-long career or to create little prodigies, but rather to expose them to those life lessons that  can and often come through sports.

In the end, Japan defeated Waipahu, Hawaii 4-1 in championship game. Congratulations to them as well.

Do your children play organized sports? Have you seen examples like this of the good they can bring?

Image via An Orchard Away/Flickr

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