Glenn Beck Rally: If He Can Restore Some Honor, Let Him (Then Ignore Him)

Glenn BeckToday is Glenn Beck's big Retoring Honor Rally in Washington, D.C. It's all come together -- Sarah Palin, Tea Party members and tens of thousands of those devoted to Beck's agenda to bring America back to its core values.

Some have criticized Beck for the decision to hold his rally on this day -- the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech. But I feel the same way about that as I do the mosque near Ground Zero in New York -- it may not be ideal, but it's America, and we need to let freedom reign, no matter if we agree with the agenda or not.

Which brings us to Beck's agenda, which, I don't find all that bad (don't throw things yet).


I'll say clearly, I am not a Glenn Beck fan.

My friend April wrote a great piece about his "minions" getting a book to help teenagers cope with their sexuality banned in New Jersey. And it's things like that make me bash him with the best of them.

He's said and done plenty of offensive things, no doubt, and I certainly don't see eye-to-anything with him about politics. But at the core of his message Glenn Beck isn't preaching anything particularly damaging to our country. In fact, while I might not want to be friends with followers, they are actually not so bad to have in this country.

He says his rally is about God and waking up religious principals.

"America today begins to turn back to God," he told attendees this morning. "For too long, this country has wandered in darkness."

Religion has persisted through the years because it keeps societies in line, and prevents chaos. If no one believed in consequences or in an afterlife, the world would be an even scarier place than it already is. (This isn't to say atheists are all evil thugs, I'm talking about the masses in society.)

So if Glenn Beck can use God to scare straight someone who might otherwise be selling drugs or abusing his wife or children, go for it. He's obviously got some pretty strong pull.

It's true that religion is used and abused to promote agendas that are violent and hate-filled, and there's definitely that potential with Beck's followers. But when I look at our sad society and parents who abuse and abandon children and get 11-year-olds pregnant and kill people randomly in gang-related violence and a million other horror-inducing headlines, I guess I'd rather fight against a few a banned books than than those problems.

I'm not advocating for religion to solve our nation's problems, but with so many so obviously searching for something to cling onto and so many flailing in self-centered existences, I say if Glenn Beck can give people a reason to do good and be good, then let him.

I'm just not drinking any of his tea.

(You can throw things now if you still wish.)

What do you think of Glenn Beck and his rally?

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