Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Goes Even Sexier

The very sexy Anna Chapman is famous for her thick red hair and glamorous clothing and bod, but before this, the only thing she'd been paid for was her real estate and spying skills.

Russian Chapman, 28, was arrested in June, along with nine others, and accused of being a spy. On July 8, she was sent back to Russia as part of a prisoner swap. She rose to international fame because of her looks. And now she is getting paid for them.

Chapman has been seen posing provocatively for Zhara, a Russian magazine.

Vivid Entertainment, the porn production company, also offered Chapman a movie deal, though she turned it down.

"Anna was obviously the hottest spy we've seen in years and she was clearly the media's favorite," Vivid's founder Steven Hirsch said in a letter to Chapman's lawyer. "Though she wasn't very successful as a spy, we think she can be a terrific actress in one of our upcoming feature films."


I realize she's a criminal and all that, but if she's hot, why not?

I'm definitely not someone who judges a person for seizing an opportunity when they can, and since Anna Chapman is gorgeous, why not use that to her advantage? Especially since it seems obvious that the whole spying thing didn't really work out for her.

OK, so she's smart(ish). She ran a $2 million online real estate business while living in her swank apartment in Manhattan and she has a master's degree in economics, but a girl's got to eat, right?

I think she should have taken the deal with Vivid, but I guess she's holding out for "classier" modeling gigs. Because she's classy like that.

Here's what I don't get: wasn't she a spy? Did the swap really mean that she now gets to roam free posing for magazines? I guess it did. If we all follow the Anna Chapman life trajectory, the most important thing we can be is hot. If we are hot, everything else is easy.

Now, can't you just see her in a Vanity Fair spread sporting evening wear?


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