Ken Mehlman Has a Lot of Sucking Up to Do

Ken MehlmanAmericans rejoice. Your gaydar is indeed working.

Ken Mehlman really is gay.

The former campaign manager for President George Bush and former chairman of the Republican National Committee has officially walked out of the closet, but man did he leave a lot of skeletons in there.


Like that incredibly public denial back in 2006?

Bill Maher outed Mehlman on Larry King Live in 2006 -- only to prompt Mehlman to categorically deny it.

And then there's all that anti-gay activity by the Republican Party during Mehlman's reign.

He was working with Karl Rove on the Bush campaign as Rove ran around America trying to swing support for anti-gay marriage amendments in the individual states. He was head of the Republican Committee when they were pushing the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Was this a big ol' case of the gent doth protest too much?

The decision to come out is a personal one. Even Maher's move was below the belt.

But Mehlman has just admitted he spent years in a position of power pushing agendas he flat-out did not agree with.

Sounds like a lot of politicians we know ...

The good news for the rest of the gays? This powerful man is ready to get in bed with them and put to rest all that nasty anti-gay work.

If anyone will open the sheets and let him in.

Does his participation in a fundraiser for the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the group that's been working against Prop 8, make up for his past?


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