Kodak Moment Leads to Thief's Capture

myers familySweet photo, no? The well-dressed Myers family of New Jersey posed for a self-timed photo outside the Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin, after attending a friend's wedding. Little did they know that they were being ripped off.

But they quickly caught the thief with this very photo.


See that dude in the background? He's rifling through their bags.

John Myers shared their story with Gizmodo:

"I then realized that I might have caught the thief on camera and I checked the shot again. When I saw the guy with his hand in my bag, I ran back inside and found the Capitol Police. They were amazing. They immediately sent out a description of the thief using the photo I took. In a few minutes, one officer had found him still in the area. The thief had dumped some things from the bag in a nearby trash can -- the flash for my camera, a small backpack of kids toys, a bag of cables, extra SD cards, my mini tripod -- but still in my bag were my wallet with cash, credit cards, hotel keys, rental car keys, and my iPad. The Police recovered everything and hauled the guy off to jail."

The suspect, Glenn R. Lambright, told police he found the bag abandoned, but yesterday he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.

Now that's a picture perfect ending.

What's the craziest thing you ever discovered in a photo?

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