Facebook Hit List: Could You Be Next?

FacebookA Facebook hit list is making all of us who take everything they read on the social networking site with a grain of salt mighty nervous.

Used to relationship statuses changing by the minute and "FML" turning into "OMG, life is beautiful" in the course of a day, Facebook leaves us jaded.

Which is the attitude that's gotten cops in southwestern Colombia in trouble.


CNN reports a hit list sporting the names of 69 people -- including a number of children -- was posted to the site, warning them to get out of the town of Puerto Asis within three days or they would die.

No one acted.

Until kids started showing up dead.

So far three teens are dead, and a second list with 31 more names has popped up.

Sounds like it's Facebook official.

Hopefully your friends aren't psycho killers, but it does make you wonder how much stock you should be putting in Facebook from here on out.

With more Facebook postings being pulled into court these days, Facebook officially takes on a whole new meaning.

They use it to catch criminals -- including those who taunt the cops online and the morons who update their status to indicate where they're hiding out. It's likewise being used in divorce battles to prove who's a bad spouse or a bad parent.

What's next? Being accused of aiding and abetting for not making a report? Getting sued for not stepping in to help someone out?

Is that FML status really a cry for help? Is the revolving relationship status a cry for an intervention (and maybe a gift box of condoms to protect them from those STDs)?

How seriously do you take Facebook?


Image via Facebook

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