Hitler's Jewish Roots Revealed

Genetic tests have confirmed that after years of speculation, Adolf Hitler actually did have Jewish and African roots.

"Saliva samples taken from 39 relatives of the Nazi leader show he may have had biological links to the 'subhuman' races that he tried to exterminate during the Holocaust," says the Daily Telegraph.

Ah, the irony. Hitler himself, the leader of the Nazi Party whose "final solution" ultimately killed more than six million people, was not even part of the "Aryan" race he was so interested in keeping pure. It would be funny if it weren't so goddamn sick.

Maybe Hitler's hatred actually did have something to do with the deep self-loathing so many historians have found. And, of course, it all goes to show, bigotry and hatred are more pointless than ever before.


As someone who comes from a mixed marriage (my father is Jewish, my mother converted to marry him), this news is especially interesting to me.

Even though I was raised culturally Jewish and I identify as such, I was also close (or at least I thought I was) with my mother's side of the family. One of my family members on the non-Jewish side is vehemently anti-Israel, which has become, for him, a road to anti-semitism.

When we were Facebook "friends," I was often greeted with hateful, blatantly anti-semitic remarks. It's unclear to me whether he forgot he had Jewish relatives or didn't care. Perhaps he wasn't smart enough to realize his words about "mongrel lineage" and references to the Holocaust were anti-semitic. Whatever the reason, it was unacceptable and hurtful. 

Do I think he was likely to kill six million Jews? No. But I do know that ignorance is how all violent hatred, whether it's Hitler or terrorism, grows. Ignorance is never acceptable and bigotry is always pointless.

At this point we are all so intertwined in our breeding that there's probably something we "hate" in all of us or in someone we love. So, let's stop hating.

We can be critical of policies, we can enter fierce debates, and we can argue politics all day long, but when the language includes racist words and images, then we all lose.

We have seen what happens when we allow hatred to fester and I, for one, am not willing to pay those consequences.

Have you ever encountered hatred in your own family?

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