No Mosque at Ground Zero

no mosque at ground zeroThe Associated Press issued guidelines to writers to stop using the phrase "Ground Zero mosque" as it is inaccurate. While the memo acknowledges the rarity of the phrase used within the text of AP articles, the words have appeared in headlines within the AP, as well as all over the news, and blogs (including The Stir).

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, of course, showed what kind of classy lady she is by offering the following descriptives instead:



-“The Hope & Change Experience”

-“House of worship in relative proximity to where Russell Simmons believes Christians bombed the WTC"

-“Project Bloomberg”

-“Site very far from WTC crater where faulty landing gear struck a now defunct Burlington Coat Factory turned peaceful multi-faith cultural center”

-“TAI Fridays”



Of course Malkin hasn't let the facts get in her way before, and clearly she's not interested in portraying the Islamic cultural center and mosque that is two blocks away from Ground Zero as it is in reality.

Michelle, I lived a few blocks away from the Burlington Coat Factory. The same block where this religious and cultural center is actually going to open, yet I didn't live "at Ground Zero." That's a fact.

I've stated before my support of religious freedom in relation to The Cordoba House opening up in lower Manhattan, as well as the importance of speaking about it in accurate terms. It's not "at" Ground Zero, it's a cultural center open to all faiths and will, in fact, have Christian and Jewish members on the board.

But hey, Michelle, name-calling is so much more effective than truth-telling when you're trying to fear-monger.

Do you think we all should stop calling it the Ground Zero mosque?

Image via Michelle Malkin

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