President Obama Heads to Martha's Vineyard -- Are You Annoyed?

president obama martha's vineyard vacationPresident Obama is taking the family to Martha's Vineyard for a vacation, and as so many Americans are skipping the summer vacation this year, naturally there will be some grumbling.

But shouldn't the President of the United States take a time-out every now and again? Spend time with his family, instead of his cabinet? Why does this bug us so much?

I'll admit watching George W. whack the brush on his farm felt like a whack in the face as we were mired in two wars and New Orleans was not even close to being up and running.

Which may be part of the vacation hate in this case, and in every case as well.

There's always something more to do to care for the people of our country. We always want or need something from our President. Sure, it's not like he's off the clock when he's in Hawaii or the Vineyard, but it feels like he's taking time away from us.

Additionally, bad things seem to happen when President Obama decides to take some time off.


Last summer, Sen. Ted Kennedy passed away while the Obamas were on the Vineyard, and Obama went to Boston to speak at his funeral.

During their Christmas holidays in Hawaii, the underwear bomber tried to blow up a plane bound for Detroit, leaving people asking at the time who was in charge when the terrorist nearly struck.

Let's all hope for an uneventful family vacation for the Obamas this year.

Does it piss you off when the President takes a vacation?


Image via Paul Lowry/Flickr

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