Mummified Babies From Decades Ago: A Treasure Hunter Uncovers a 70-Year-Old Mystery

It has all the makings of a Stephen King novel: two mummified human babies wrapped in newspapers from the 1930s found in the basement of an apartment building in Los Angeles.

Are you creeped out yet?

Gloria Gomez and her friend were looking for historical artifacts in three trunks from the 1930s, but instead they found a mystery when they unwrapped two small bundles wrapped in 1930s newspapers. Inside were the mummified remains of two babies. 

They immediately called the police.

Turns out, they had found a decades-old mystery with the following clues:

  • One baby was premature, one was full-term.
  • The trunks belonged to a woman named Jean M. Barrie who also had postcards from a variety of far-off destinations like Korea and South America.
  • Barrie shares the name of the person who wrote Peter Pan: J.M. Barrie
  • There is a membership card to Peter Pan Woodland Club, an upscale resort in Big Bear, California, in the trunk as well as a photograph of a woman presumed to be Barrie in a wedding dress.

I am not a mystery reader. I have always skipped to the end of every mystery novel I started. I am also not a fan of crossword puzzles, riddles, or Sudoku.

I like things more straightforward than that.

Nevertheless, I am fascinated (and saddened) by this case and wonder what happened to those two babies who would likely be well into their 70s by now.

Some ideas:

  1. Barrie was a traveling actress who collected strange artifacts and these were two artifacts she picked up on the road.
  2. Barrie was the wife of a man who didn't want children so she hid her pregnancies and killed them and stuffed them in the trunk to hide the evidence.
  3. Barrie was cheating on her husband with a wealthy person (Peter Pan?) and hid these pregnancies because they weren't her husband's.

Any other ideas you might add?


Image via El Caganer/Flickr

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