Battlecam Billionaire Wants to Show Obama Your Boobs

battlecam obama has a $1 million marketing budget. The owner of the video sharing website has just upped his $100,000 offer to a cool million for anyone who will a) streak in front of the President of the United States of America, b) write Battlecam across his or her naked chest, and c) broadcast the event on

I hope the Secret Service is taking notes.


The brainiac behind this idea is Alki David; heir to a shipping and bottle plant fortune, who also dabbles in the film world, producing last year's The Bank Job. The actor and producer owns FilmOn, a television on-demand website, that also supports Battlecam. Apparently he needs some page views, and in a bad way.

He explains the dramatic increase in the financial offer:

Alki said: "Most people in the community thought the 100,000 wasn't enough for the audacity of the dare.

Audacity of the dare. See how he did that?

No good reason behind the "streak in front of the President" campaign, other than to get his company's name out there. What, a Super Bowl ad doesn't do the trick anymore?

Let's hope all of us chatting about what a ridiculous idea this is gives Battlecam the boost Alki is looking for and he decides it's not a great idea to mess with the President.

Otherwise, my fingers are crossed for the poor fortune-seeker who attempts this feat and runs the risk of getting tasered (if he's lucky) by people trying to protect the life of the leader of the free world.

Alternately, just ignore Battlecam and hope Alki David goes away.


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