Bong Baby on Facebook & Other Public Child Abuse Moments

Rachel Stieringer thought it would be hilarious to post photo of her 11-month-old baby taking bong hits.

The cops? Weren't laughing.

The 19-year-old Florida mother is in hot water (and not of the bong variety) for posting photos of her baby either pretending to, or actually taking hits from a green bong.

How dumb can you be?

In this day and age, I really do think twice about the things I post on Facebook. My husband and I made margaritas the other night and the kids wanted some so we made them a virgin pair (just mix and ice) while we had ours with tequila. It made for a cute family photo, but I actually wrote the caption with this story in mind: "Virgin for the kids; tequila for mommy and daddy."

You can't be too careful.


With so many viral YouTube videos and Facebook's questionable privacy settings, it can be scary to post photos of children at all. Before, all I did was worry that people would judge me when there was a photo of my children with beer pong in the background, but now I can be arrested?

Should other parents be arrested, too? Here are a few examples:

  1. "Daddy screamed like a girl" : 3-year old walks in on her parents having sex and the next day, her father makes her retell the story and laughs at her. Funny story for later in life? Or child abuse? You decide.
  2. David after the dentist: This poor kid comes home from the dentist and is so drugged up, he can barely talk and his dad creates a hilarious video of him that is seen (and mocked) by millions. Child abuse?
  3. Smoking toddler: I realize this one is in another country (Indonesia), but it is about as bad as it gets. Clearly there is some kind of neglect going on here and if this were in the U.S. it probably should have lead to an arrest.
  4. Underage booze: This couple in Connecticut was arrested after they posted photos of underage children drinking beer at a graduation party they threw. 
  5. Me and a beer: This is not a specific one, but more an example of 100 "hilarious" photos of children "drinking" beer that get posted on Facebook everyday. Is this also abuse?

It is a new time in the world and we are walking a fine line in terms of information. I know I, for one, am going to start to think very carefully about what I think it funny and what someone else does...

What do you think of this?


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