Israeli Soldier Eden Aberjil Gets Excited By Palestinian Prisoners

israelA former Israeli soldier is in hot water for photos of herself posing in front of blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.

In this day of oversharing, naturally Eden Aberjil put them right up on Facebook.

But is that the most callous part of this story?

Or is it the fact that she even took them?



The BBC reports Aberjil says the prisoners were well treated, and she was merely documenting her life in the Army.

To her credit -- or that of the Israeli Army -- these are not the horrific photos that came out of Baghdad's prison, Abu Ghraib.

The blindfolds and bound wrists make it clear these men are prisoners, but they are not in otherwise compromising positions. They are fully clothed (even wearing warm jackets), and there are no other soldiers about.

But it isn't the make-up of the photo that's disturbing.

It's the photo's existence.

To Aberjil, the men were clearly noting more than props. Chattel. They've ceased to be human beings and become as significant to the photographer as a random castle on a tour of Scotland.

Hey, let's snap a picture! And post it on Facebook! It's fun!

Remember Rush Limbaugh insinuating that even soldiers deserve "emotional release," in the case of the torture at Abu Ghraib? That "emotional release" saw 17 servicemen and women relieved of their duties, 11 brought up on charges.

When it comes to work with other human beings -- be it in the military or as a doctor -- you bear the yoke of being responsible for their emotions too. You can't separate emotions from the person without losing their humanity.

Dehumanizing them as props in a photo is like a gateway drug.

And how do you get your next high?


Image via Ron Almog/Flickr

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