'Kid's Corpse' Caught on Camera and Other Famous Undead-Types

In the world of bizarre-o news stories, this one may take the cake: A "kid's corpse" was spotted by the Google Street View cameras in the English town of Worcester and when the picture went live earlier this year, people were sure they had seen evidence of a murder or a car accident.

What they had actually seen was the evidence of a silly prank.

"I didn't know anything about the Google Street View car," Azura Beebeejaun, now 10, told the Daily Mail. "I fell over while I was playing with my friend and thought it would be funny to play dead. I'm quite chuffed I'm on the Internet. It is quite funny and I can't wait to tell my classmates when I go back to school."


And while we can all rest easy knowing that little Azura is alive and well, there are many other famous "undead" stories that we know all too well. Among them:

  1. Elvis Presley: Though many are sure that Elvis has, indeed, left the building, others are less sure. The "King" has been spotted all over the world since he "died" of an overdose in 1977, leading many to question whether he is really dead at all.
  2. Tupac Shakur: Since dying in a shooting in 1996, Tupac has continued to release records and music, so much so that many are wondering whether the legendary rap artist is actually deceased. Perhaps he, too, is playing a prank?
  3. Andy Kaufman: This actor and entertainer died of cancer in 1984, but many fans of the comedy legend were convinced it was just another of his many stunts.
  4. Michael Myers: This horror movie legend of Halloween fame has refused to die for more than 30 years. Through many sequels he was shot, stabbed, burned, thrown out windows, and buried, but somehow he always managed to survive. In the end, the joke has always been on his hundreds of nubile, oversexed victims.
  5. Jim Morrison: The singer and front-man for the Doors died at age 27 from a drug overdose, but it has not stopped his many fans from seeing him in places all over the world.
  6. James J. "Whitey" Bulger: No list from a Bostonian would be complete without throwing this name in. Bulger is an organized crime boss from Boston who "disappeared" in 1994 and who is sighted in locations all over the world. Though he is on the FBI's Most Wanted List, he has yet to be captured.


Image via Google Street View

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