John McCain Is Screwing Up the Military

don't ask don't tellDon't Ask Don't Tell may be on its way to a repeal, but while the Senate dilly dallies, the American military is shedding crucial servicemen and women faster than a fluffy dog in a heat wave.

They're losing the very people Senator John McCain says are being ignored while Congress works to protect them.



McCain has been calling the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal "a totally irrelevant and very controversial issue."

Said the Senator:

"We spent weeks … on that, when we shoulda been spending time on defending this nation. It was a betrayal of the men and women who were serving this country.”

Like these people, Senator?

1. Captain Jonathan Hopkins. He graduated fourth in his class at West Point, then went on to earn two Bronze Stars, one with valor, in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now he's been discharged -- a fellow officer outed him as a gay man.

2. Cadet Katie Miller. Ninth in her class at West Point, she was on track to be a promising young officer in today's military. Until a class on Don't Ask Don't Tell and her classmates complaining about fags sent her running for transfer papers to Yale University. Yup, she's a lesbian. And she's no longer military.

3. Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach. A 19-year military member who has been decorated for his combat valor in Iraq, he was forced to reveal his homosexuality when he was accused of raping a man. Cops agreed the sex was consensual, but the Air Force is canning him anyway. For having gay sex.

4. The 443 service members fired in 2009. For being gay.

5. The 627 service members fired in 2007. For being gay.

6. Lt. Dan Choi. An Arabic linguist, West Point grad, and Iraqi War veteran. Fired for being gay.

With recruitment troubles so bad there's been a rash of recruiter suicides this year, who's ignoring the men and women serving this country?

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