The John McCain and Snooki Love Fest Continues

john mccain says snooki too pretty for jailjohn mccain says snooki too pretty for jail

Even a geriatric Senator from Arizona isn't immune to the, err, charms of the Jersey Shore stars.

Today, John McCain defended Snooki on a radio station in Phoenix, saying the guidette should not serve jail time for her recent arrest in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, for disorderly conduct:

"I kind of think she might be too good looking to go to jail," explained McCain on KMLE.

I wonder if he would apply that logic to especially winsome illegal immigrants in Arizona?

Regardless of the inanity of McCain's comments on the legal troubles of a reality star, the two seem to cross paths an awful lot. McCain's daughter Meghan even interviewed Snooki and Snooks admitted she found John McCain "cute." Ummmm, scandalous affair alert?

The two do seem to have a lot in common. In fact, here are five other areas where Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, age 22, and Senator John McCain, 73,  are like two peas in a (tan) pod:

  1. They both voted for John McCain for President in 2008.
  2. They both oppose a tanning tax.
  3. They're in danger of skin cancer.
  4. Neither one of them celebrated President Obama's birthday.
  5. And President Obama would like to forget both of them as well.


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