Drunk Mom Takes Kids on Wild Ride, Kills One: Should She Be Punished?

Carmen Huertas, 32, the drunk driving mom who killed one 11-year-old girl and injured several more in a crash on the Henry Hudson Parkway, deserves far more punishment than she will get after her guilty plea yesterday.

Is 10 years really enough for what she did?


Taking a carload full of terrified 11-year-old girls on a high-speed ride, taunting them by asking, "How many of you think I will crash? Raise your hand," and then killing 11-year-old Leandra Rosado in the ensuing crash.

There's just no excuse for that kind of recklessness.

Normally, I'd try to see both sides of an issue and understand what she was feeling, but not this time. I absolutely judge her actions on October 11, 2009, when she decided to get behind the wheel of her car wasted with both her child and several other people's children with her.

I feel so much for little Leandra's father who was purportedly very close with his daughter and who will now never see her again because this despicable troll decided to go on a joy ride.

I get moms who leave a sleeping child in the car for a moment to grab an iced coffee. I feel for moms who get into accidents because they were distracted by something in the car. I even get moms whose children get out of the house and drown in their backyard swimming pools (sometimes).

We are all doing the best we can and we all make stupid parenting choices on occasion, and most of the time (thank goodness) things work out. But driving drunk with children and even worse somebody else's children is simply inexcusable.

She may have cried on the stand yesterday, but she gave up any right to compassion or sympathy or freedom the day she decided to value her good time over the lives of helpless children.

In my opinion, the judge should take the key and lock her up. For good.

What do you think of this case?


Image via Pixel Drip/Flickr

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