Plane Goes Down in Alaska, Ex-Senator Ted Stevens on Board

ted stevens in plane crashA small plane carrying former Senator Ted Stevens and former NASA executive Sean O'Keefe went down in the mountains of Alaska. Early reports confirm five people are dead, out of the nine passengers. It is not known if either Stevens or O'Keefe is alive or dead.

The downed plane was discovered by other planes in the area, and the National Guard was called. Severe weather is hampering the search and perhaps the reason we don't have anymore information at this time about the other passengers, or cause of the accident.

Stevens survived a 1978 plane crash in Alaska that killed his wife and many others. Perhaps the 86-year-old Alaskan politician was lucky again.


The former senator was thrust in the national spotlight as his "Bridge to Nowhere" project in Alaska was held up as an example of pork barrel spending in Congress. Just weeks before the 2008 election, Stevens was convicted on corruption charges and lost the election to his Democratic opponent.

The NTSB is sending a team to the crash site. Let's hope for some good news out of Alaska.


Image via jkbrooks85/Flickr

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