JetBlue Flight Attendant vs. Dirty Diaper Road Rager: Bad Behavior Gone Badder?

Jet blueJetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater got mad.

And then he took off.

According to the story cobbled together by a variety of news reports (thanks USA Today), the fed up flight attendant cursed out passengers on the flight into JFK.

Then he activated the emergency slide and took off down it -- with a beer in hand.

He was later arrested, but is anyone thinking it's time to give the post office a break? They no longer have the monopoly on going postal.


Slater's just the latest in a line of over-the-top over-reactors this week. Take a gander:

1. Michaele Salahi and Whoopi Goldberg. The View host touched the White House crasher on the arm, and Salahi started crying assault. Which Whoopi responded to with a rant that's heavy on the F-bomb, light on the common sense. The view from this side? They're both nuts.

2. Sarah Palin and the Teacher. When a teacher put up a Worst Governor Ever sign at a Palin appearance in Alaska this week and challenged her on her governorship, the presidential candidate got snotty ... then her camp tore the sign down. Hey Sarah: do we get to tear down your campaign signs next?

3. The Diaper Smearing Driver. Road rage has gotten really shitty lately -- an angry driver smeared a diaper on another woman's window when they were stuck in traffic. Somehow getting the police to respond did not get them out of the fairgrounds any faster.

4. The Pugilistic Diner. The Olive Garden is the place to see the fights these days: just ask the dad who got punched in the neck because another diner said his son was too loud. The kid also happened to be autistic, but you don't mess with a guy and his soup, salad, and breadsticks, ya hear?

Is it the heat? The moon? Or is bad behavior just the name of the game these days?


Image via Diesel Demon/Flickr

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