Is an Erection an Entitlement? Teachers' Union Says Yes

jenny eriksonRemember back in the day when teaching was about the kids? Specifically, educating them? Those were good times, weren't they? These days, teaching is about the teachers' unions. And Viagra.

Yeah, you heard me.

The Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association let go of hundreds of teachers in June due to budget shortfalls, but is suing the school board for the lack of Viagra in the educators' health care plan.

They claim that it's a matter of gender discrimination.


Union lawyer Barbara Quindel said the case was worth fighting despite the district's grim finances. Quindel said erectile dysfunction is associated with heart disease, prostate cancer, and other conditions, and the drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and recommended by the American Urological Association.

"MTEA believes that men should not be discriminated against in receiving treatment for their medical conditions," she said.

Seriously, people. There is something very wrong with the world that this is even a story. I do feel bad for the guy that can't get it up, but I fail to see how that's Mrs. Milwaukee Taxpayer's problem.

Where is the line? If sex is beneficial for our health, maybe the school district should hire Ashley Dupre as a "health consultant." If getting your jollies is a basic human right, then the district should be responsible for making sure ugly guys get laid. If they don't provide this service, it's obviously because they're prejudice against the unattractive.

Or perhaps it would be more cost-effective to buy alcoholic beverages for easy looking girls. They could put "equipment -- beer goggles" on the expense report.

Or maybe, just maybe, instead of trying to fight for the right to party all night long via little blue pills, The Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association could fight for the kids. Isn't it supposed to be about them? Instead of Viagra, how about smaller class sizes or more art and music lessons?

Once upon a time teaching was about the kids. Let's make it that way again.

Image via Kristen Bons

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