ER Docs Post Photos of Dying Man on Facebook and Other Inappropriate Times to Upload Your Photos

er docs post dying man photos on facebookAs a 60-year-old man came into the ER at St. Mary's in Long Beach, California, after being attacked by another nursing home resident, the staff should have gotten busy trying to save the man's life.

Instead, photos of William Wells, who had been stabbed a dozen times and had his throat slashed to the point of decapitation, were taken. The hospital workers then decided to upload the pictures to Facebook.

Four staff members were fired for their incredibly awful judgment and more were disciplined. Needless to say, hospitals are reviewing their policies on social networking.

Facebook mobile upload, really?

While taking photos of a dying man and uploading them is beyond inappropriate, there are still other less egregious FB offenders out there.

Here are five other times you should never, ever, upload photos to Facebook.


At the Birth of Someone Else's Baby

You are not allowed to be the one who announces your friend's or relative's birth with pics from the delivery room. Do not steal this thunder, unless you want to be that kind of mother-in-law.

During Cosmetic Surgery

Don't pull a Jersey Housewife. If you're getting some work done, it should be a secret. Really, we don't want to know how you got that way.

During Sex

Again, no need to go Jersey on your friends and snap while you're getting it on. Shop your sex tape elsewhere.

While Breaking Up With Your Significant Other

We've seen the Sprint commercial. It's cute, but did the dumpee look like he was enjoying being humiliated digitally?

When You're in a Tornado

Sure it will make for some cool footage, but for the love of god -- RUN!


Image via Oversocialized/Flickr

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