Twitter Helps Arrest Subway Pervert

twitter flasherLuckily, you can't see what this man at right is doing with his hand directly below his belt, but I'll tell you this, he got arrested for it.

All thanks to Boston subway rider Nay Khun, who snapped this photo of a flasher fondling himself and posted it immediately on Twitter with the Tweet:

"pervert on the 2nd car of the red line ... help me report him."


Subways are crawling with loonies (though few compare to Sleepover Dad), which is why I try to avoid them at all costs, but I still need to take one almost every day. There are the obvious loonies, like the Jesus woman, evangelizing on the platform. There are the suspected loonies, like the guy with the big bug eyes who glances around in such a paranoid way that I'm convinced he must have drugs in that briefcase -- or worse! And then there are the annoying loonies, who sneak their bikes onto the rush-hour trains and get mad at you when you don't make room for them.

Because I know you want to know, the man in the picture had his zipper undone and was fidgeting with his exposed penis while riding on the T, Boston's subway system.

Thanks to Nay Khun's quick tweeting, Boston police located and arrested this disturbed dude, who is a repeat offender, several days later and charged him with open and gross lewdness. Gross is so accurate. That subway car looks incredibly crowded. I can't help but imagine what the guy sitting next to him was thinking, or why he continued to sit there. Maybe I shouldn't think too hard about that. We have enough loonies to worry about already.

What's the most bizarre thing you've seen on a subway?

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