Georgia Republican Race: Who Hates Gays More?

hateThe Georgia gubernatorial primary could come down to just one question.

Who hates the gays the most?

Nathan Deal says he'd never give money to a group that "promotes homosexuality among teenagers as young as 13" or "support taxpayer funded gay partner benefits."

He pins that all on Karen Handel, one of three Republicans in a tight race for the GOP nod for Georgia's gubernatorial candidate.

So how does Handel show her gay-friendly vibes?

By snorting with derision when someone asks her to explain why she doesn't support gay marriage.


The Republican former Secretary of State told Georgia's 11 Alive, "We have a constitutional amendment against gay marriage. And it's something that I supported wholeheartedly."

Both Deal and Handel have come out to criticize the Prop 8 ruling. Shock. Awe. They agree on something.

Even in a state that John McCain carried in 2008, with seven Republicans and six Democrats in the house, Georgia isn't the reddest of the red states. But it's definitely cast its lot with a statutory ban on gay marriage.

We get it. Life is not peachy for gays in Georgia.

If you're running for governor there, you don't really have to out-anti-gay one another.

Your state already did that for you.

Setting aside just how distasteful it is for the rest of us, it's not winning points INSIDE the state either. Former Governor (and Democratic hopeful) Roy Barnes doesn't support overturning the marriage ban either.

So unless they're trying to be the next Sally Kern, it's time to put away the pitchforks and focus on something on which Georgians haven't already agreed.


Image via -Marlith-/Flickr

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