Naomi Campbell vs. Mia Farrow: Who's the Liar?

Either Mia Farrow (actress, perpetual victim, former lover of Woody Allen) or Naomi Campbell (supermodel with anger management issues) is lying about diamonds.

This morning, Farrow testified in front of the UN in the Netherlands that Campbell did receive a diamond from Charles Taylor, the former Liberian President who is on trial for war crimes for his alleged involvement in the blood diamond trade.


According to reports, Taylor gave Campbell a large, uncut diamond and when asked about it, the anger-prone supermodel told the reporter: "I didn't receive a diamond and I'm not going to speak about that."

When questioning continued, little Miss Insane got out of her chair and and knocked the camera out of a producer's hand on her way out the door.

A bit of history:

Naomi Campbell: Petulant supermodel who has been in trouble for things over the years. In 2007, she famously threw a cell phone at her assistant, and in 2008, she attacked police officers at London's Heathrow Airport.

Keep it classy, Naomi.

Mia Farrow: Soft-spoken actress once married to Frank Sinatra, known for her role as a victim in Rosemary's Baby and for being a real-life victim when her adopted daughter (Soon-Yi Previn) took up with her long-time lover (Woody Allen). She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has adopted many children over the years. Her humanitarian work is well documented and plentiful.

Gee, I'm having so much trouble deciding which of these two women is lying. I keep going back and forth ... and back and forth.

However, in the interest of not being smacked in the head with a cell phone, I will refrain from giving my own final verdict and calling Campbell out as a liar, liar pants on fire. We can just wait for the UN to call her that.

Who do you think is lying?


Image via hdptcar/Flickr

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