Jodie Fisher: 'Age of Love' Actress Is at Center of Mark Hurd Firing

jodie fisherFriday, Mark Hurd, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard was fired for breaching the company's code of conduct after fallout from sexual harassment allegations made against him by a former contractor. This evening the identity of the contractor was revealed: Actress Jodie Fisher.

You probably don't know her name from the handful of movies she's had roles in, but you may remember her from Age of Love, a former reality show in which women of various ages competed for love. It was a few years back (2007), so perhaps not.

It's unlikely, however, that she'll soon be forgotten for her involvement with Hurd, formerly one of the biggest players in U.S. business.


H-P has said Hurd wasn't fired for sexual harassment, but rather for filing false expense reports to keep the relationship between him and Fisher secret, and that Fisher had received money that wasn't for business purposes. Fisher denies the two had a sexual relationship, so just what happened to result in such a blowup remains a mystery.

Fisher, through a statement released by her attorney Gloria Allred, said she regretted the outcome of the situation.

"I was surprised and saddened that Mark Hurd lost his job over this," the statement read. "That was never my intention."

Fisher further stated that she had solved the matter privately with Hurd and didn't pursue litigation.

"I wish Mark, his family and HP the best," she stated.

This story leaves me with so many questions. If there wasn't an affair, then why would he pay Fisher? And if she didn't file charges against Hurd, how did H-P find out about whatever inappropriate behavior went down? Also, why did she feel the need to release a statement and reveal her identity?

Clearly, something happened, what it was remains to be seen.

To see more of Fisher in action, you can check out her demo reel here:

Any speculation as to what may have happened between Mark Hurd and Jodie Fisher?

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