Boob Artist Has Russian Imposter!

boob artist paints with 38dd paintbrushesI brought you the story of Kira Ayn Varszegi and her 38DD boobs that create works of art. (And, perhaps, are works of art. Ahem.) That's Varszegi pictured here.

However, the lady in the video that's been published here and The Huffington Post is NOT Varszegi. Her name is Viktoria and she lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Yes, she also paints with her boobs, and yes, she let us all take an intimate look at the process. But she's not the woman who originally came up with this technique, and her pieces are arguably not as well executed as Varszegi's.

Take a look at the video again, um, to compare the end result.





Then look at Kira's Turtle Kiss site to see her completed works. Kira's are totally better, right? Kira thinks so too and contacted Asylum to set the record straight:

"I'm the artist you wrote about in the article," Varszegi told us in an email. "Just thought you should know that the woman in the video [since removed] is some copycat from Russia who's been allowing me to take 'credit' for (amateur) work."

Isn't imitation the most sincere form of flattery?

What do you think about Kira's (and Viktoria's) boob paintings?


Image via Turtle Kiss

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