Parents of Adolf Hitler Lose Kids for Being Disabled

Adolf Hitler familyThe parents who named their children after Nazi leader Adolf Hitler have permanently lost custody of the 4-year-old boy this week.

And it's not because Heath and Deborah Campbell are white supremacists.

It's true they also named Adolf's sisters Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, after Heinrich Himmler, and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell.

But their poor naming habits aren't the issue.

Heath and Deborah are "disabled."


Anyone see the next round of parents' rights groups coming to their rescue?

In a strange twist on free speech, the New Jersey couple earned significant support when Jersey officials yanked the kids from their home back in 2008.

If giving kids ill-advised names is a crime, then how does half of Hollywood keep their kids (we're looking at you Jason Lee)?

Not to mention naming our kids is one of those basic rights of parenting -- they may cut us off completely at 18, but we still got that one in there. As one expert told The New York Times in early 2009, “The question of what you name your kids goes right to the heart of the zone of privacy around the parent-child relationship.”

Except when you're naming your kid Hitler, the chances that you're buying into the violent and disturbed nature of neo-Nazism is high. 

And surprise, surprise, ABC News reports the Campbell home was full of Nazi paraphernalia, and Heath Campbell has a history of domestic violence (one of his ex-wives has a restraining order against him) that included leaving little Adolf and his sisters trapped in their carseats while he fought with his wife.

Foster parents of the kids have said they're violent too -- especially Adolf, who threatens his sisters with a vacuum cleaner and threatens to kill his foster mother (remember, he's 4?).

Both Heath and Deborah Campbell were deemed to have serious psychological conditions.

According to court papers cited by Newser, the Campbells "recklessly created a risk of serious injury to their children by failing to protect them from harm and failing to treat their disabilities."

Which sounds like the court is saying the Campbells can't keep their kids because they're disabled ... offering the Campbells yet another mantle of protection.

Because now they have a call for discrimination of a different sort -- first it was their right of free speech. Now it's their disabilities.


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