7-Year-Old Lemonade Stand Owner Gets Shut Down

lemonade stand shut downRules are rules, kiddo, and it's about time you learned them!

Which is what I'm speculating the government inspector in Portland, Oregon, said to 7-year-old Julie Murphy, proprietor of a lemonade stand, when they forced her to close shop.

Murphy was selling lemonade for 50 cents a cup at a monthly arts fair in Portland, but had not purchased the license for $120. When she was asked to produce said license, and couldn't, the county inspector told her she could not sell her wares.


Other vendors at the fair, sympathetic to the little girl's plight, advised her to give away the lemonade and ask for donations as a way around the conflict. But that wasn't enough to satisfy the county and when someone returned and found her still in business, they threatened her with a $500 fine.

What a bummer! The county health supervisor, though, made it sound like it wasn't all about the $120 license. She backed up her heavies:

"We still need to put the public's health first," she says.

I get that there might need to be a health inspection to make sure it's not dirty lemonade, but it doesn't sound like that was conveyed to the 7-year-old cutie. Next time, Julie, set it up in your front yard to keep the buttinskis out of your lemonade business.

Do you think the little girl should be allowed to have her lemonade stand?

Image via carriestroud/Flickr

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