Boob Artist Uses Her Own 38DD 'Paint Brushes'

artist paints with boobsRather than paintings of boobs, Kira Ayn Varszegi's boobs do the painting and it appears that business is booming for the Hartford, Connecticut, artist.

The abstract art goes for $527 per painting, and Varszegi is able to support herself, and her 38DD boobs, with that income. While a lot of the paintings will inevitably have a similar brush stroke size, what you're also paying for, obviously, is a conversation piece.

Varszegi isn't new at using unusual objects to create her work. Her turtle, Koopa, has also created 827 works of art that have been bought and displayed all over the United States and the world.

Also, super-cute turtle video. Have you ever seen a turtle that comes when called? Adorable!!!


To see how Varszegi creates her boob art, check out this video below. Which may not be safe for work for nudity, unless you have an artsy sensibility in your office.


Would you buy Kira's boob art?

Image via TurtleKiss

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