Is Brett Favre Retiring? Again?

Brett Favre
No more Brett Favre? Really??
Even if you're not a sports fan, you've most likely caught wind of the hoopla surrounding football legend Brett Favre and his never-ending retirement drama. How could you not? He's retired so many times now.

And again today. He's told the Minnesota Vikings that he isn't coming back for the 2010 season, according to ESPN. An official announcement is expected later.

Bye bye Brett, you were great for the sport of football, and you will be forever ingrained in our minds as a standup guy, record-breaker, leader, and talented QB. We commend you for knowing when you're ready to give up the sport you love.

Wait, I take that back ...


Favre, the hunk who played Cameron Diaz's boyfriend in Something About Mary, and the most famous and celebrated athlete in Green Bay Packers history, first announced his retirement in March 2008.

Four months later, he changed his mind and asked to be released from the team, with so much complicated back-and-forth politics that he tarnished his relationship with the Packers and their die-hard fans forever. He went to the New York Jets, where the team fought for a 9-7 season. The Jets released him, and he began courting the Vikings, until June 2009, when he informed them he will remain retired. Shockingly, he signed with the Vikings two months later.

Confused yet? Yeah, so is Favre, apparently.

The Vikings were a formidable opponent during the 2009 season -- though, on a shamless personal note, the Steelers won when they played the Vikings in Pittsburgh, a game that I got to attend and was one of the best moments of my life. I'll admit that seeing Brett Favre play is something I won't soon forget -- no matter what you say about how annoying he is, the guy is still a legend.

Anyway, Favre got his team all the way to the playoffs, but they lost to the New Orleans Saints, where his very last throw of the 2009 season (and maybe his career) was an interception.

You really think this guy will let the last throw of his career be an interception? Especially after he's retired so many times only to come back and say, "Fooled you!! I'm never, EVER going away!" I hardly expected Brett to be such a media hound, but if he comes back yet again after these reports, it's going to make it that much easier to root for him to lose.

I can't help but call it now: He's coming back. Let's just hope I can get this up in time before he changes his mind again.

Can Brett Favre actually stay retired this time?


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