Anna Chapman Mugshot: You Won't Believe Her Eyes

anna chapman mugshotI'm trying very hard not to be envious right now. But, looking at Anna Chapman's mugshot made public today, I'm failing. Behold at left.

Who else do you know that looks this good in a police mugshot? Certainly not Lindsay Lohan. Even when forced to stand against a wall under hideous florescent lights before some FBI agent with a cheap camera ... she still looks gorgeous.

Perfect hair, perfect skin. I've never seen cat eyes like that on a human.

Not fair, not fair.

I hate to see what her driver's license photo looks like. Russia's Sexiest Spy is also Russia's (and perhaps, the world's) Most Photogenic Spy.


Chapman's photo and those of her nine co-conspirators were released today -- you can see all the Russian spy mugshots on Smoking Gun.

The photo was taken right before she and the others plead guilty to charges of being an illegal agent for the Russian government, and being deported back to Russia.

But I don't know whom to feel more sorry for -- me, who wouldn't look this good even after an hour with a makeup artist, hairstylist, in front of Annie Leibovitz in natural light -- or Anna's co-spy, Patricia Mills (aka Natalia Pereverzeva) below.

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