Alligator Feeding Frenzy or Obama on 'The View'?

obama on the viewPresident Obama appeared on The View today and everything was all nice-y nice-y. The ladies all looked their very best too, even Ms. Whoopi Goldberg, who tends to dress on the casual side. The claws weren't out, the fangs stayed in -- everyone laughed and smiled.

So if it was a feeding frenzy you were looking for, you might want to skip the video recaps of that show, and watch a real gator feeding frenzy instead.

Hundreds of alligators gathered in a canal in Georgia and engaged in what scientists say is a rare phenomenon called "cooperative eating" (like that's ever gonna happen with Barbara Walters and gang). About three hundred gators assembled for about 40 minutes for two mornings (about as long as The View sans commercials) and had a communal meal of mudfish.

Take a look:


Pretty amazing stuff.

Too bad The View wasn't nearly as interesting.


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