Elisabetta Canalis: Does George Clooney Have a Drug Problem?

elisabetta canalisWe've wondered for years who Hollywood's most discriminating bachelor George Clooney will finally propose to, and recent rumors say it will be his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. I wonder if the recent news associating Canalis' name with a high-class prostitution and drug ring in Italy will change his mind, or at least delay his proposal.

Canalis, who is 31 (and at the height of her beauty peak), has been implicated in a prostitution-drug investigation that has forced the closure of two nightclubs in Milan and led to the arrest of five people so far.

Her connection to the investigation? A call girl reported snorting cocaine with her in 2008, a year before she started dating Clooney, 49.


Clooney doesn't appear the partying, drug-using type, based only on the fact that he spends much of his time in his Italian villa on Lake Cuomo away from that Hollywood scene and is involved in numerous respectable causes. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors or how he reacted to this news. Maybe he already knows and could care less.

Canalis, a model, actress, and TV host, has been dating Clooney for about a year. The two live together in his picture-perfect villa.

The club that Canalis visited was one of two high-class bars where the law supposedly turned a blind eye to all the illegal activities going on there, but obviously this was not the case. High-class prostitutes, called "image girls," who are young, beautiful women of different ethnicities hired by the club, would approach rich patrons, sit with them at their tables, and encourage them to drink the club's expensive alcohol. They would offer specialty sex services, for an added cost at a location away from the club. Some of the bigger spenders would get the added bonus of cocaine.

No word yet on what Canalis was doing there or whom she was hanging out with. But I'll bet George has all those questions covered.


Image via Elisabetta Canalis/Facebook

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