Obama on 'The View': Women Still Hate Him

Barack ObamaPresident Barack Obama's appearance on The View this morning is supposed to help his plummeting approval ratings.

But with who?

The View's ratings are steady, but extremely female-centric. Even with the president on the couch, I don't see a whole lot of guys racing to their TV screens this morning.

So will Obama score points with the ladies at home by chatting it up with Barbara and company?


Something tells this liberal it's not likely.

Sure, a clip released by ABC prior to the show proves he talked nicey-nice about his kids, which supposedly sets women's hearts a pitter patter.

But even the most fervent anti-Obama folks out there generally agree he's a good dad. (Don't believe me? Check out all these Republicans backing him up big time.)

Then there's his quip about wanting to show up on a show that wife Michelle "actually watched."

Oh, Barack, you lost us there.

The View may get a lot of female viewers, but the bulk writes it off as fluff. Especially each and every time Elisabeth Hasselbeck opens her mouth.

And that's the best you could come up with? Your talented, Harvard law graduate wife is brought down to being just another daytime TV fan?

So much for your chief asset with the ladies.

We won't even get into the political failings at the moment. As one die-hard liberal Facebook friend posted this morning, she's currently feeling like she's met "the new boss, same as the old boss."

An appearance on a daytime talk show isn't going to change her feeling that:

"My president let me down. He promised that war spending would be above board and in the budget. And then yesterday he funded the wars through a supplemental spending bill. Liar liar pants on fire."

And if he's got his one-time rabid supporters that angry, can we really expect the average woman to praise him for chatting with Barbara Walters about her recovery from heart surgery?


Image via SEIU International/Flickr

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